New Goodreads illustration!  I enjoyed working with the limited palette, and always love painting books. Thanks Jade Change for the direction!

There is supposedly a downloadable poster version they’ll be releasing as well, so keep and eye on their site, if you’re a teacher or librarian or someone who likes books. 

Also, Happy National Library Week!

Oh I love libraries. 

I absolutely love this.



Still a better idea than Batman Forever.


Do you?


“Libraries are Forever,” says our friends at Mashable. We agree!

I mean, what guy is going to want to hang out with me because I read ‘Jane Eyre?’ ” she said. “But a book about an ex-prisoner who ends up in a mob in Bombay? That’s hot.

Has everyone seen this? Pictures of real Librarians, breaking down the stereotypes.

The Book of the Future by Grant Snider—via NYT